A Disection Of Blood

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    Ceara MacKenna

    [22:38] Sophie C Landers: ht* Emma looked up at Silas, eyes wide with despair. Not knowing the language, she grapped Silas' hand, all but dragging him to the coach.

    [22:39] SilasHughesx: th* (not ht*) :: gets drug to the coach ::

    [22:39] SilasHughesx: th* “Strange woman.”

    [22:40] Ligeia Hughes: th* “Who is it, Alfred?” she asked, descending from the final stair into the foyer and coming upon the open door. She had assumed it was the butler who'd answered the pounding.

    [22:42] SilasHughesx: th* :: with Alfred asleep in his room or whatever the PC butler is doing, Li would note an open door and Silas being drug out with the Emma maid lady ::

    [22:42] Sophie C Landers: ht* The footman now had Sophie in his arms, her limp body drowning in thick covers for protection. (footman) “Sir, she is very ill.” His face looked grave.

    [22:43] SilasHughesx: th* “Well, bring her along. Bloody Landers are all cursed this week.” :: his mind connected with Li:: — Sophie's sick. Needs some attending. —

    [22:45] Sophie C Landers: ht* The footman stepped through the open door, blood droplets leaving a trail upon the floor. The wound continued to bleed more profusely do to the movement. (footman) “Where sir?”

    [22:46] SilasHughesx: ht* :: stares at the blood:: “I thought you said she was sick. She's bleeding!” (li ) — She's been wounded… bleeding some how. I don't know anything. The doorman's an idiot. —
    “Kitchen…” :: same place as before, de ja vu all over again. Except this time he moves to get a sheet. They'll need to buy more sheets before long ::

    [22:48] Sophie C Landers: ht* Emma was wringing her hands, tears threatening to spill. The footman moved quickly to the kitchen awaiting further orders.

    [22:50] SilasHughesx: ht* :: he spread a sheet down on the table, same place Ty lay before. Everything was so neat and clean.:: “Grab something to clean up the blood on the floor, Emma, is it?” :: he makes a motion to the sink and points at the trail of blood, then motioning to the footman to put the woman on the table. he had no idea where his sister was right now. ::

    [22:51] Sophie C Landers: ht* The footman deposited his burden on the kitchen, then slipped into the shadows. Emma, understanding the task, immediately grabbed up a cloth, adding water, and began cleaning up the trail of blood.

    [22:52] Ligeia Hughes: ht* At the first signal from her brother that there was more trouble to be had, another patient for the table, she had spun and flung herself back up the stairs to the attic room. She returned now, to the kitchen, familiar black bag in hand. “Is she conscious?” Ligeia asked. In an instant her blue eyes had gone darkbright, focused and sharp as she approached the table.

    [22:57] SilasHughesx: ht* “The wound is red… maybe infected. It's on her back. There's a knife still in it. “I've never seen an infection this bad,,, it must have been in there for hours. I think she's in a daze.”

    [22:58] Sophie C Landers: Sophie laid lifeless upon the table, her skin pale and lips a dangerous blue.

    [22:59] Ligeia Hughes: ht* “Still in–” Her brow furrowed and her words died as she looked upon her cousin. Dear Lord. She set down the black bag and prepared to ruin Sophie's dress by taking the tear and ripping it further to expose: the wound.

    [23:00] SilasHughesx: ht* “You…” :: to the footman:: “What do you know? Speak quickly.”

    [23:01] Sophie C Landers: ht* The knife was lodged to the the hilt into her right shoulder blade, the cloth holding the blade in place drenched with blood. The footman looked up startled, his head shaking. (footman) “She arrived home last night with the wound. She all but passed out on the door step.” He nodded towards Emma. “She would not let us fetch a doctor.” This said almost angrily. “I have no idea why, but this evening, she had me bundle her mistress up and bring her here.”

    [23:02] SilasHughesx: ht* “And you didn't go to the hospital? You didn't come here right away? Amazing.” :: he was stunned at their stupidity ::

    [23:04] Sophie C Landers: ht* The man looked insulted. “We tried m'Lord! The woman would not let anyone see her mistress. She all but locked the door on us!” He appeared visibly shaken. “Her Grace was not about so we could do nothing more than stand b.”

    [23:05] Ligeia Hughes: ht* The blood-soaked fabric of the dress was gripped and ripped quickly. She knew the men were speaking, but she did not hear them. The noise in the room had faded away, and all she saw was the bodyon the table. The wound filled the entirety of her vision.

    [23:11] Ligeia Hughes: ht* The infection was beginning to spread. The wound was inflamed. She'd gone untreated for far too long. Ligeia unbuttoned the sleeves on her dress and rolled them back from her wrists.

    [23:11] SilasHughesx: th* :: finds it odd that sis has healed two family members in two days and Daddy dearest has been nowhere . Thinks that may be agood thing ::

    [23:17] Ligeia Hughes: ht* Thinks it a bloody good thing that her family members had a tendency to be severely wounded when they wound up on the kitchen table. Would hate to lose one of them to a paper cut she couldn't risk it.

    [23:20] Ligeia Hughes: ht* The flow of blood was staunched with bandages and pressure. There was a vial, a needle, something to treat the infection. And, finally, stitches. Just a few, to close the wound. But further bandagingwas left until later, so that she could keep an eye on the infection. It was better for the wound to breathe, expel the poisons.

    [23:26] SilasHughesx: * th :: he moved back to the kitchen and looked at Li :: “I think someone is out to kill our cousins, sister. I wonder what they did.”

    [23:30] Ligeia Hughes: th* She breathed a sigh, stepping back from the table. Her hands were covered in blood again. This was beginning to become a habit to her. Better than any vial of vin mariani her brother could provide.

    [23:31] Ligeia Hughes: th* There was a pause before her gaze lifted to Silas. She looked tired again; the surgeries always seemed to take so much out of her. “I'm rather surprised Sophie's little brush with death concerns you, brother.”

    [23:31] SilasHughesx: th* “I'm more concerned their bad fortune will come to get us, sister.”

    [23:34] Ligeia Hughes: th* “If there bad fortune was headed here,” she replied, stepping towards the sink to wash the gore from her moonlight pale skin, “They would have left this table to rest in their graves, not our guest bed.”

    [23:36] SilasHughesx: th* :: he nods :: “You seem to be getting at this stuff, sister.” :: motioning to Sophie on the table ::

    [23:38] Ligeia Hughes: th* Drying her hands on a rag. They were scrubbed red raw, but free of blood once more. “The trick is to pretend they're already dead,” she replied, rather deadpan. The words could put a chill in a man's spine.

    [23:39] SilasHughesx: th* “What?” :: he blinks a bit :: “How.. how do you do that?”

    [23:42] Ligeia Hughes: th* The rag was tossed to the counter. Her gaze shifted, her head turned to cast the glance back over her should before said shoulders followed the lead and she spun to face him slowly. Once the blue gaze was bright and focused, now it was faraway, almost dull. “I don't know, really. It's surprisingly easy.”

    [23:43] SilasHughesx: th* “Have you ever… you know, seen a real dead person? And, you know, done anything to them?” :: he'd never asked that. He never wanted to know before ::

    [23:47] Ligeia Hughes: th* “Seen one? Yes. Many times.” As she spoke, she moved around Sophie, arranging the girl in such a way as to seemingly make her more comfortable, should she come to. They would need to move her

    [23:49] Ligeia Hughes: upstairs in time. “Done anything?” The bodies exhumed from the ground had never been of much use. Too dry, too decayed, too dead. Standing at the table, she looked down upon her cousin. “No,” she finished
    softly. “Not really.”

    [23:49] SilasHughesx: th* “Would it make you better… if we, you know… found you someone to…. practice on?” :: he pulled a piece of fresh baked bread from the earlier dinner and tore some of it, popping it into his mouth and chewing :::

    [23:51] Ligeia Hughes: th* Her gaze, still dulled by the trials of the evening, lifted to find her brother's. Curious. Questioning. “Make me better?” she asked, brow wrinkling. “Undoubtedly. But there's not a doctor in London who would allow me near his table.”

    [23:52] SilasHughesx: th* “You've taught yourself for so long. I can buy as many books as you need, sister. Perhaps you may not be a real doctor but you are a better technician through raw talent that anyone else in this city. And if you need a… subject to… further your studies. I can make it happen.” :: he sounded the same way when he was selling the company to Asher. The same voice. ::

    [00:01] Ligeia Hughes: th* She stared hard at her brother, dropped a brief glance to Sophie, and then made her way past Silas out of the kitchen. “Do not speak nonsense, brother.”

    [00:02] SilasHughesx: th* :: he followed her :: “I'm not speaking nonsense, sister. For the greater good… perhaps some evil man can be used as a teaching tool for you. And would you seriously tell me you wouldn't use him?”

    [00:06] Ligeia Hughes: th* She would never admit how much he began to tempt her. There were devils and there were Devils. Ligeia's twin began to inch toward the fine line between the two. In the foyer, at the bottom of the stairs, she turned, faced him. “Some evil man? Listen to yourself, Silas. What are you saying?”

    [00:07] SilasHughesx: th* :: he had a look about him :: “I'm going to do it, sister. I'm going to find someone… someone that has committed vile acts and I'm going to bring his corpse to you. And then you will be a better doctor as a result. A part of you wants me to. I can feel it as if it were my own heart fluttering as a result of the thought.”

    [00:08] JillianFlannigan: * she laughed, and took the bottle with a sigh. “Lucian thought I was frantic.. am I frantic?” she looked at him, eyes begging for the truth.

    [00:09] Ligeia Hughes: th* Was her heart fluttering at the thought of finally receiving a proper cadaver, even through improper means? Or was it the look in her brother's eyes that made her insides jumble so? She retreated backwards up the stairs a few steps. “You're mad,” she whispered.

    [00:10] SilasHughesx: th* “If I'm mad… so are you.”

    [00:11] SilasHughesx: th* “What if I were to slit Sophia's throat… Would you let her rotting corpse lie there? Or would you learn from it?” :: watching her a moment and then a look on the ground :: “Not that I would. Not Sophie at least.”

    [00:11] Ligeia Hughes: th* She shook her head. The curls were down, they'd been unpinned most of the evening. Dark coils spread across her shoulders, shivered as she shook her head, retreated another step, and then another. “No, stop,” she breathed.

    [00:13] SilasHughesx: th* “No stop? Don't stop?” :: he smiled, stepping closer rather quickly, a hand moving to take hers :: “I'll do it. And I'll do it for you… and then you'll be a better doctor.”

    [00:14] SilasHughesx: th* :: turning, he moves away from her :: “We'll talk more on this later.”

    [00:15] Ligeia Hughes: th* There were a few more backwards step taken up the stairs before she managed to turn her back on her brother and return to her room. The door was closed behind her. Locked. Her brother was mad and he was bent on doing mad things, all for the sake of her medical learning. She couldn't reconcile the sins to the benefits.

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