Re: XP “Banking” or “Rewards”

February 8, 2006 at 11:08 pm #2234
VEST Paradox

We are considering a 25% reward to one new character if a character dies. I think too many people simply look at the time they played versus the impact their character made. Yes, it sucks to lose a character, hoewver the compensation and growth of that character is related to how much *they* contribute to the game. Sure it’s you behind the machine, but it’s the character that makes the scene and adds to the world directly. That’s my take on it anyhow. I do think an award of how much XP your character has earned to be applied to a newly created character upon the main characters death is a fair idea, not the total amount the player has earned though. Should that second character die, then the next one will get a % of the total XP on that dead character, etc.

If you drop a character in favor of another, this will not apply. It’s your choice to stop playing them, and by death I mean by ST’d event and not by sending in an email saying the character has died and you will no longer be playing them, can I have my XP. Better be prepared to kill them off.