Re: What Would You Like To See?

March 23, 2006 at 7:31 am #2503

I think logs or posts describing the chain of events happening amongst different circles is always beneficial in seeing how the story is developed, since we can't always pay attention to every conversation going on in the room. Even if it's a summary and not a blow by blow dialogue. The game is still young obviously, so characters are feeling each other out, even if they do have a developed background. NPC steering of the storyline (via ST's) is always helpful, even if they are just concentrated incidents that don't last very long. The element of surprise always makes for good RP. Unfortunately I haven't been able to play for quite awhile, so obviously I'm speaking of things in general since I haven't caught up with all that has taken place. To be honest, dragging the SL out of the coffee house and into and the streets and the homes of the characters is only going to improve the game.