Re: The Search For Fiona

April 12, 2006 at 9:20 am #2577

He turned to face his work, flipping through the records, first trying to find his father's burial record and see what that would lead to. His mother was of course still very much alive but he had never known her, and it was something he tried to not think about. He found his father's burial record, the mention of him dying in combat as well as the date and location of his burial plot. His traced it back to his grandfather William who had died of natural causes and was buried next to his father. His grandmother was listed under her married name, Alice Morris. He continued back through time, finally expecting to come to a dead end when he found a name that did not seem familiar. Maire O'conner. This didn't make much sense to him, his Uncle had never mentioned a great grandmother Maire. It listed her has never having been married. He took a sip of water and ate a piece of freshly baked bread before turning over to the next page. His finger moved down the edge of the page as he looked through the names, and then one stood out like a light in the dark. Fiona O'conner. The words seemed to jump off the page as he quickly wiped away the few crumbs that had fallen from his mouth.

“Married to Aiden O'conner, Born April 1st 1750, Died September 17th 1801.”

He scanned down to the next line and a look of frustration came over his face. The burial location was blank, as if no quill had ever intended to ink in the information. He propped himself up by and elbow and rested his chin on his palm, wondering what to make of all this. He scanned further down but nothing more was left to be revealed. He then shut the book and got up, walking over to the shelf he had retrieved it from and put it back. Finishing up the last of the bread he finished the water and then left the glass. He didn't want to go wandering around the church looking for the proper place to put it. With all that had been revealed, he still couldn't help but be frustrated. He didn't see Bishop Moxon as he walked down the main aisle towards the exit, he'd have to thank him again for being so kind. Now he knew that Fiona wasn't his great grandmother, but his great greath grandmother, and the woman whom he knew so little about was actually her daughter Maire O'connor.

As he pushed his way out into the daylight he had only one thought on his mind, and that was to visit the fortune teller once more.

(SL Info. Added due to these events –

Maire O'conner requested that her parents be buried in the Bathurst estate gravesite upon the time of their deaths. This was part of the marraige agreement which Harold quickly agreed to, much to the anger of his father. Lord Bathurst finally agreed but only if the graves were to remain nameless. Only celtic knotwork on the tombstones distinguishes the graves from the others at the gravesite. Maire visited her parents graves at least once a day while she lived at the estate. Maire O'connor was born January 10th 1775, and died August 3rd 1847. Her sister Kiera was born January 19th 1780, and died July 2nd 1830 from pneumonia. )