Re: The Search For Fiona

April 11, 2006 at 8:14 am #2574

“Well I'm sure you know Miss Alayna Laurent, the prostitute. She has mentioned coming to this church to speak with you on several occasions. What about is non of my business. I'm also sure that you know of Bishop Octavius as well. Well since I have made his acquaintance I have had a strange feeling about him, and recently the words Miss Laurent confided in me have cause that suspicion to grow.”

He took a breath and sighed.

“She seems to be terribly afraid of the man, reluctant to keep his company long, although I know she has gone to see him for what she says is a mandatory confession. Well the other day when we were talking she told me about a most bizarre occurence. She was speaking with him and as they said their goodbyes she heard his voice but his lips did not open nor did they move. She said it was as if he spoke in her mind.”

“Honestly your grace I don't quite know what to make of it, I do not suspect Alayna of being someone who would make things like this up. She has always been honest and open with me when we have talked.”

He looked up at him then, a nervous look on his face. If Alayna found out about this she would be furious.