Re: The Game’s First Exit Post

February 2, 2006 at 1:58 am #2118
VEST Paradox

I deleted the poll, simply because I don’t think that anyone is happy to see you leave Scott. I love ya like a brother and I always will, and I am truly sorry that this has occurred.

I see your points, and agree with most of them. I also want to say that we do not support nor condone racism and intolerance here. A comment made once may be excused, but continuous badgering is certainly not going to be tolerated. I personally apologize for my blindness an lack of action in dealing with this, which will no longer happen. I wish I could change your mind, but I know you well enough to not even try.

Since your points are so valid and truly spoken, I will leave this post up, however I am going to lock the topic since I seriously don’t want any further debate publicly about this. Making one comment to let someone know your opinion on them being allowed in a public location is one thing, let it drop there though and be done with it.

Enough said, and I am very sorry to see you go my friend, just keep in touch with me alright?