Re: Stat Caps

March 18, 2006 at 2:39 pm #2485
VEST Paradox

True, the only reason it is this way now was because I kinda wanted to throw a limit on skills specialties and whatnot. Some things to consider for raising the stat caps:

1) TN's for masteries will shift
2) General TN's will shift higher to compensate for the curve.
3) Characters who sink their points in one stat are going to find themselves FUCKED when someone hits them with a Psi Blast or Soul Drain, since you can DIE from them.

If someone wants to start with a 12 Body 2 Mind 2 Soul and die the first time they piss of a Psion or Magi, heh.. that's their own burden imo. They will learn the next time. It's not an issue now, but it will become one soon enough when more Magi and Psions come about, not to mention other breeds that will be able to do various forms of damage.