Re: Signature & Avatar Testing

February 4, 2006 at 9:31 pm #2055
VEST Paradox

I just put up a SLEW of avatars that I found, they are almost all 100×100 so they aren’t too tiny. You can get to them from the Forums -> Profile -> Show Gallery and the one that comes up should now be the Velvet Skies Gallery, I found a bunch of fitting pics for you guys to use fro various movies, art, acrots, actresses. Not all are in period attire, but I tried to only get ones where it wouldn’t be noticeable.

On thing I would like to mention, please be respectful when choosing an avatar and be sure not to use one that someone else is already using, I kow it’s tough at times, but there is a limited resource for period avatars and if someone went through the effort to find one, you shouldn’t go and use a similar one.