Re: Reputation

June 6, 2006 at 1:02 am #2582
VEST Paradox

Those are some pretty good ideas there. Soon as I get some free time (I'm in the middle of moving at the moment… bleh ) I'll get some of this incorporated. Thanks for the great stuff, keep it coming

Edit 6/6/06 Took more of a look today and I definately like it. Though the Breed Penalties will be stiffer than you have them and with reason. Breeds here aren't widely known and accepted and there is not seemingly unseen force that makes mortals think that charging werewolves are bears and other similar nonsense. It's a superstitious enough time that rumors of people being witches, vampires, etc are still likely and still likely to be viewed as possible.

That's the only thing that I'd see needing change so I will immediately get to changing that. One other thing, it's possible for weapon skills to get your fame or infamy. Take Calamity Jane, and other Wild West Celebrities who were known simply for their skill with weapons. If used in an exhibition I can see someone gaining Fame, if used in a crime I can see them gaining Infamy.