Re: Possible Advantage?

January 28, 2006 at 10:57 pm #2087
Doug Davis

Not bad thoughts at all Barbarian.

That would be very cool, and it makes sense. Some people have a more potent addiction than others.

How about:

5 gp – You have an addiction and need to have it satisfied once per night. The roleplay requirement would indicate that ten minutes of roleplay would be required to satisfy the addiction.

10 gp – A more serious addiction. Twenty minutes of RP is required.

An addiction CAN be ignored. However, this would require a 2d6 + Discipline roll against a TN of 18 for the 5 gp addiction and 24 for the 10 gp addiction. Even a genned character with say 9 Mind & 3 Soul would still require a 6 to be able to toughen up and overcome the addiction.

Someone who has strong mental discipline should be able to fight the addiction.

I’d also say that if someone DOESN’T successfully make that roll, or roleplay the addiction (and people should have to make posts to indicate they successfully met that requirement), the character will receive -2 to all rolls on the next day. This -2 should carry over, so someone who chooses to ignore these requirements and act ‘tough’ should have a -10 to their rolls.

This would be kind of cool in a couple of ways, actually. If you kidnap someone and they have the addiction they can’t satisfy, they will be less focused, having the penalty is a rather fair representation of that.

Also, with a good 5gp/10gp set up it’s more fair for someone who has a less of an addiction can do a SL to kick the habit more easily than someone who is a hardcore coke user.