Re: New Change Discussion

March 9, 2006 at 1:01 am #2428
VEST Paradox

What's so tough about buying a level 13 in a stat, then 13 in another stat, and then being told you can't buy your third stat above a 10?

What's complicated about buying a mastery that gives +3 Attack and +2 Dodge per level and there are only three levels?

I'll be perfectly blunt and honest here. If people are afraid to learn new rules, and afraid of rules heavy games, they are in the wrong game. This game will *never* be nearly as freeform as BB, we have more rules and will continue to add more rules as they are needed. Old rules will be fixed as needed, that's how this game is and how it will remain.

Silas Hughes wrote:
That's too complicated. Make it simple. If it's not simple, you'll lose players. And it's really that simple.

No one wants to spend too long thinking about their character sheet.