Re: New Change Discussion

March 9, 2006 at 12:47 am #2426
VEST Paradox

Why even have these skills though? Just for bonuses? A +6 Attack won't help you against a large sheeted NPC with a +9 Dodge, they are overall worthless other than ONE circumstance.

Character Customization.

That's it. If there are abilities put in that will grant bonuses for customixation like this, they will certainly not be a part of a skill, especially a hand to hand skill. Those days are done and gone with. Logistically it makes absoultely no sense unless they are something *completely* seperate. I can possibly see adding something to allow it, but they will not be a part of any skill or set of skills.

I'm all for Character Customization and a way to prevent you from beaing a part of the cookie cutter mold that you get stuck in with statistics, skills, and mods. There's only so much that can be done, and I am open to suggestions to further allow this. Here's an idea that Damian suggested in BB.

Each Character has instead of max attributes of 12, they have 36 points to set their max. So you could be 13 11 12, or 13 10 13, etc. With no more than a +/- 2 to any single stat (So you can't have a 15 10 11 but you could have a 14 11 11). There's on idea.

Masteries that allow a bonus to modifiers that can give bonuses of no more than +3 to any one modifier and cost 50 XP per level. Much cheaper than buying a skill. These are things I can potentially see, however keeping them as part of the Fighting Styles will not happen.

Silas Hughes wrote:
Don't make them Eastern then. No one is buying it because it's an eastern style, they're buying it because of the bonuses. Call them Fighting Mastery Style A: +3 Dodge and people will still buy it. Why? Because they want to get an extra dodge factor to help them cope with the huge ass NPCs being thrown at them at times or to cope with having a lower body. What's the real name of Fighting Mastery Style A? Who really cares? I sure don't care. I care that I get a bonus to Will or dodge or attack.

In other news, so let's say I know Open Hand Karate. Sure, it doesn't say I can use a sword, but you CAN use a weapon irl with Open Hand karate. In fact, you can easily use a staff or a sword. Thus, there are bonuses used. You don't get to add the open hand karate levels you've earned to it but you do get to apply the knowledge gained to the weapon.

If martial arts is a lifestyle, you take these bonuses with you and use them elsewhere. That's the way I read it anyway.

If the style makes you more disciplined, then there's a bonus to will. :: shrugs ::

In fact, I have a whole page of stuff that proves just that stuff, with built in pre-reqs that were created by an old friend of mine — >…-fightingstyles