Re: New Change Discussion

March 13, 2006 at 1:19 am #2434
VEST Paradox

I do really like character customization, I hope people aren't getting the impression that I don't because I REALLY DO, it's just that right now, the rules are in a progressive state and really transitional while I work on not only finishing the other breeds, but also keeping a general sense of balance. Once the foundation is solid then more changes to allow customization will occur, I promise.

To go with the future ideas I have for customization, I will be creating CS Templates so that those who are not CS Savvy can compete with those of us who are. This way they can choose a template that is already setup to excel in certain areas. The biggest problem with customization is that with it comes added complexity, and unless one of you wants to volunteer your time to help those who are not rules savvy with CS Generation and updates, it's going to put undue stress on people not rules savvy and leave them sorta out in the cold. I don't want ANYONE to feel that this game is daunting, even though I DO want it to be rules heavy to a degree so the days of one ST calling on thing and another calling the same situation completely different are gone. I've seen it FAR TOO OFTEN in other games.

Customization comes with a lot of imbalance and abuse though, so be careful what you go asking for.