Re: Mind and Soul

February 8, 2006 at 8:38 pm #2174
VEST Paradox

going to the negative of your Soul Statistic renders you unplayable the same way Body and Mond do. You are unplayably insane. Thus Dead. A coma for Mind would yeild the same result, the player wouldn’t be playable unless something miraculous happens, smae with with Mind and Body.

Granted, I could raise the recover times for Mind and Soul as they are no longer after a full nights rest:

Mind is the mental aspect of your character. It represents your character’s speed of thought, general knowledge and their capacity for reason. Mind is used for many different things. Any die roll that requires your character to think, reason or otherwise exercise their mind is affected by their mind statistic. This includes, but is not limited to the use of many Masteries, solving logic problems or using skills that require the character to think. It also determines how much mental punishment your character can sustain before they fall unconscious.

Recovery Time: The gernal recovery time for lost points of mind is one per  half hour of rest.  Some breeds may have abilities that increase this rate of recovery.

Soul is the spiritual aspect of your character. It represents your character’s strength of the spirit and mystical energy. Any die roll that requires the use of a character’s inner strength is affected by the soul statistic. Examples are: a showing of great faith, resisting an addiction, etc.. Soul also determines how many times per night a character may use their Masteries. Each mastery has a soul cost listed in its description, and each time a mastery is used this cost is subtracted from the character’s soul statistic. When this statistic reaches zero, the character is unable to harness the energies required to fuel the mastery.  

Recovery Time: The general recovery time for lost points of soul is one per half hour of rest.  Some breeds may have abilities that increase this rate of recovery.

Soul is no longer a stat simply to use to spend on masteries, it play a much more vital role here than it did in other games, same with Mind. If you look at the Skills you will see they no longer all go off of Body or Mind with the exception of a few. All three stats play a more integral role in your characters well being and functionality. This game isn’t a Body game and Steel Will will not define your worth. These are some rather fundamental changes that are the building blocks of all of our changes. The Balance that is struck is that if someone is weak of Mind and Soul, they can killed as easily as someone who is weak of Body.

Keep in Mind that Psions and Magi will be immune to the Mind Death and Soul Death respectively. Psion are altered when they awaken, as are Magi. Psion have a stronger and altered Mind, Magi havea stronger and altered Soul. Other immortal breeds will likely have immunities as well. This applies generally to Mortals, though not all Breeds coming in the near future will be immortal and thuse immune to this.