Re: Mind and Soul

February 8, 2006 at 6:20 pm #2173
Ceara MacKenna

How about instead of brain dead for the mind stat you’re in, like, a coma?

The thing to consider about mind damage is that all of your mind points that you lose heal over night compared to when you lose body points it takes 3 days to just get 1 point back. That point alone, I would figure, would mean mind damage shouldn’t be as severe.

I view soul damage and mind damage in the same light. If you can’t “die” from soul damage, then I don’t think you should die from mind damage.

Either Body damage needs to heal over night (not likely) or mind damage needs to take longer to heal (not likely) or at negative total soul ya need to die, too (I don’t think that’s likely). I just think balance should be struck.

There was a good debate about soul points and what happened when you get to 0 that I’ll have to dig up for ya, as well.