Re: Mind and Soul

February 8, 2006 at 11:10 pm #2179
Ceara MacKenna

The thing with body. though, is that there are skills available to immediately heal someone. Basic Medicine. Major Medicine. I’m sure there are masteries for this as well. The fact is if there are skills to heal someone with body damage, then there should be skills to heal someone with soul or mind damage. Theology can be used to heal soul, perhaps. Some psychology skill can be used to heal mind.

This is a Social Sciences skill I made up that can be adapted for here. Just add something about healing mind stats once you reach a certain level and add a system or something.

[Social Sciences] ?Mind?

Generation Cost: 1 Generation Point

Experience Point Cost: 10 Experience Points per Level

System: roll 2d6 + Intelligence + Social Sciences Vs TN set by ST/GM

Description: Social sciences encompasses the whole field of psychology to communications. This skill includes aspects of history and speech, as well. Everything from ancient Greek to the third cold war can be learned from this skill. The more proficient you are, the more you know. Some Storylines may require this skill. Consult the table below:

Levels Effect

1-4 You have a basic understanding of general social sciences. You know your basic gene pool’s history and whatnot and understand where your parents came from.

5-8 You can impress your friends with the detail you know about general history, psychology and other similar based skills.

9+ For each level afterwards, you can specify a class of social science to become an expert in, be it 20th century cars, the kings of England or animal psychology.

If you want to consider death by soul and mind depreciation all as the same, the balance should be struck to heal these other two stats as well as a body one.

Also, not sure if it’s been addressed, but what happens when a person’s soul stat gets to 0? Do they go unconcious from feeling depressed?