Re: Inconspicuous Advantage

March 2, 2006 at 11:57 pm #2382

I've got the worst memory of all and i'm still all for this. We need a way to decipher who is under what ability at the time. If something is up all the time, then I would assume it is up to the other players to remember who has what, after the initial knowledge has been gained. Like, Ty for example. After a night of using the abbrv for inconspicuous i'd imagine I wouldn't have to use it again for some time. Unless a massive flux of new gamers bombarded the room or something. In which I would again, use the abbrv so others knew and would remember. I don't think you need to use it every night. But if you keep it on your character sheet for quick reference, it shouldn't be hard to look back, remember yourself, and remind anyone that might not know that evening as well.

A system like this is going to be needed if there are going to be a slew of abilities and masteries and forms at our grasp. It will keep miscommunication to a minimum and will allow a record for later review, if needed, who was using what and what time. No one wants to go through the headache of players who go back and say they were using something or under an effect of some sort if there's no real proof to back it up;and nothing is sweeter than a log. I've been through similiar situations in the past, and believe me it isn't worth the trouble when all you had to do in the beginning was put an [abbrv] before your gameplay here and there throughout the night. You can do it folks ! I have faith in your intelligence ! Change is good !

The Scoundrel