Re: Inconspicuous Advantage

March 2, 2006 at 3:04 am #2380

You should include a marker for Conspicuous as well, yeah? I mean, there's something about the Conspicuous person that can't help but be noticed by EVERYONE. In the same way that we, as players, will be forced to recognize that an Inconspicuous person is practically invisible to our characters until they draw attention to themselves, those who are Conspicuous should be actively noticed.

And then if you add a Conspicuous marker, is there a suffix to the marker that indicates to the other players WHAT about the person is so Conspicuous?

I understand the desire for such clarification, but it seems to me there's the possibility of creating so many indicating prefixes that things become ridiculous. I would also find it important, as a player, to be paying attention to the writing and creation that's going on in the room by other players, even if it's not something that your character in the room needs to be aware of.