Re: Fighting Styles

March 12, 2006 at 11:52 pm #2445
VEST Paradox

More customization will appear in the game, however that will never be from fighting styles. I *really do* love customization, however in order to get into that you must have a fair and balanced core to work with first. Why should a werewolf in mortal form be anymore ferocious than any other person in mortal form? They are in their mortal form, those bonuses and powers come in the form of masteries and other things, not through skills that everyone is able to take.

Actually there is a Catholic Monestary where they train monks that are akin to shaolin monks, there are a few in europe and one in the US. At least, that's the rumor, I used to have a book (wish I would quit loaning out my books) that was all about secrets of the catholic church, that was one of them, martially trained Catholic Monks. Odd as hell to think of, but apparently it was done. Though they were not trained in Wu-Shu or Shaolin, mostly they were trained in Savate (French Kick-boxing that sailors developed after they learned martial arts in the orient and combined it with British Boxing.).

Once we have more things in the game and the base foundation is fair, then perhaps more customization will be placed in, however that will make the system even more *rules person* friendly and leave out a huge portion of the players. One of the things that I will probably put in are *template* characters. Sheets that are based towards certain types of characters that players will be able to choose from and then modify as they see fit. This will allow those who aren't perhaps sheet savvy to keep up with those who are.