Re: Did You Get The “for The One I Love” Hallmark Card For Your Valentine? So Did Everyone Else In America

February 15, 2006 at 12:55 am #2281
VEST Zion wrote:
Did you get the “For the One I Love” Hallmark card for your Valentine? So did everyone else in America?

(stole the headline from FARK — but it had to be said)
Valentine's Day research key for Hallmark

Turns out love may actually be a universal language.

The world's largest greeting card maker, Hallmark Cards Inc., has for the first time analyzed individual cities' data for top-selling Valentines, and it yielded a surprising result. They were all the same — a result of the exhaustive research Hallmark carries out before any card goes on the shelf. It's a process of analyzing sales numbers and trend hunting in search of the perfect valentine.

Researchers at the Kansas City-based company expected the choices of customers to be as different as the cities they call home. But it turned out V330-5, one of the thousands of options Hallmark offered last Valentine's Day, was the top choice of consumers in New York and Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Miami, and virtually every other city in the country.

More — >…me_down&chan=db

Yay for e-cards. I'm sure my dad loves the good ol' e-card business, hehe