Re: Character SL brainstorming

February 6, 2006 at 11:55 am #2112

Here’s the background I submitted, it will give a rough idea as to the general shape of things. However there is a lot that needs to be filled in with help from the collective imagination of the board.

Desmond Morris is the only child of John and Lucy Morris, born August 18, 1842 in London, England. His father was a Lieutenant in the British army, having died while on campaign in India. His mother, after becoming a widow, sent Desmond to be raised by his father?s brother Randolph Morris. Desmond?s uncle had inherited the family business, as his physical limitations denied him entrance into the military. Desmond grew up with his cousins Alan and Rebecca Morris. Alan was 1 year his junior, while Rebecca was 3 years his senior. The two boys became best friends immediately, their bond growing strong as they attended public schooling together, and eventually took up positions at the family shop. Desmond is currently single, having been preoccupied with his work at the shop as well as his book studies during his free time. He is a naturally curious person, and this curiosity has the potential to get him into trouble, luckily his has been there to advise him before potentially dangerous situations manifested. Rebecca is a bit stuck up, as well as materialistic, while her brother being more humble and hard working. Uncle Randolph manages the store while the cousins take care of shipping, inventory and anything else that needs to be done. His Uncle Randolph is a contact and agent for the free masons, thus he has certain connections and he is the one that the ?favored? skill falls under.

Desmond is quite unaware of the factual history of his family. His great grandparents Aidan and Fiona 0?connor, along with their two daughters Kiera and Maire, fled to England after a scandal made them fugitives. Maire the eldest of the two daughters at 16 had been the romantic interest of the son of the village Mayor, and when his advances had been turned down once too often he forced himself upon her. Aidan came to his daughter?s aid, and when the Mayor?s son turned on him with a knife he was forced to defend himself, leading to the young man?s death. Upon arrival in England Aidan managed to find a job as a dock hand, while his wife looked after the two girls. The company Aidan worked for was under the ownership of a wealthy and powerful family by the name of Bathurst. Overtime Aidan became aware of unusual dealings taking place on company grounds, and his curiosity landed him in deep water once his investigating was found out. Lord Richard Bathurst was one of the high ranking members of the Masonic headquarters in London, but this was only the tip of the iceberg. Aidan was coerced into silence with the threat of deporting him and his family back to Ireland. As time passed, Harold Bathurst the son of Lord Bathurst became infatuated with Maire O?Connor and a love affair ensued. They were married in secrecy and shortly thereafter Maire gave birth to a girl. Thus Desmond?s family history is intertwined with one of the most influential families in London. The shop he works in now was started by his grandfather William Morris, who married Alice Bathurst, the daughter of Harold and Maire.