Re: Character SL brainstorming

February 4, 2006 at 7:51 pm #2109
VEST Paradox

Mortal Breed leaders will be leaders of secret societies, though they will probably require a few more followers than the supernaturals, or at least require some awakened mortals (mages/psion) to fuel them.

I plan on adding some medium type of masteries to Mortals, something along the lines of the ability to feel or see spirits and communicate with them. I have some plans for the future that will make them more useful. I’d like to see Mortals be a viable breed and have their own unique place in the community besides that of a stepping stone to the other breeds. I personally feel that Mortals *should* be as interesting as the others. Just my two cents, and though I don’t have any *defined* mastery ideas for Mortal Leaders, I have a few ideas.