Re: Character SL brainstorming

February 1, 2006 at 6:39 am #2105

Thanks for the link. Actually mystery religions and mystcism are two subjects that I have been interested in for awhile. I think it would be best to just create a fictional group loosely based off of an occult lodge of the time, even if it were a branch stemming from another country (this would make its secrecy more important especially if it were a political enemy of England). I’m assuming that prejudice against the Irish was still prevelent, so the fact that an intermarraige between a common Irish woman and a gentlemen of high society would be a good scandal, and since her last name would be changed, the secret of her identity could be kept from the public. And through this line the current owners of the shop come into existence. Not knowing the secret of their family’s history. Perhaps the woman gave birth out of wedlock, and the marraige was used as a cover up. Something like that.

That way there are motives driving some of the behavior on the aristocratic side, since this would bring shame to them if the secret ever became known. The higher ups could be descendents of the Knights Templar, those that escaped the accusations of heresy. They could still be worshipping the mystery of the Baphomet under locked door in a secret temple etc. While using the front of a gentlemen’s club to diffuse any suspicion.

This also in turn makes the lure of the vampire or werewolf more attractive when their existence in found out. Those thirsting for arcane knowledge may want to become immortal at the price of their soul, while other members of the order may argue against this.