DayZ Outcome 39 Server Rules

Outcome 39 is a PVE Server

There is no PvP allowed

    1. You are allowed to defend yourself.
    2. You are allowed to defend your base.
    3. If you do kill someone and it’s an accident, try to help them recover their gear and get back to where they were killed.

There is no stealing or Base Raids

    1. If you do not have your base or vehicles locked behind doors we cannot do anything to help you. Intruders/Thieves have to either be cut by barbed wire or break a fence/gate in order for us to find out who did it.
    2. If you see a barrel, tent, or car with items in it you can assume that someone owns it. Please be respectful and ask in the group chat for info first before taking anything.

Don’t be a dick.

    1. We’re trying to beuild a community oriented server, this isn’t an RP Server (ie cops and robbers with faction PVP, we encourage real role-playing)
    2. If someone steals from you or kills you, please email to report the incident. Please include as many details and location that you can.
    3. Please send any suggestions, recommendations, or issues to